PC Retailers vow to install Windows XP beyond 30th June deadline

It looks as if some of the world's biggest computer sellers will continue to sell Windows XP even after Microsoft's self-serving, self-imposed deadline of June 30th.

HP has already announced that it intends to sell "pre-downgraded" desktops, notebooks and workstations to its business customers until July next year, when Vista SP1 will be firmly rooted and Windows Seven will have probably gone into Beta stage.

US-manufacturer Dell has already said that it will exercise what it calls its downgrade rights when it comes to Business and Ultimate editions of Vista, both of which are geared towards corporate customers looking to downgrade to Windows XP Professional.

Dell has also pledged a new "buy Vista, get XP Pro preinstalled" service on some of its corporate oriented hardware lines.

This would mean that home users will be faced with no other option than Vista (ed : And Linux and Mac) as downgrade rights are not available for non-business customers.

There are signs that Microsoft could give a discrete thumbs up to this scheme since it would allow it to sell more computers with Vista licenses (thereby inflating numbers) while at the same time allowing customers to decide if and when they want to upgrade.

Fujitsu Siemens for example, sells a computer with both Windows Vista Business and WIndows XP Pro in what it calls, a Twinload version adding, "compatibility is guaranteed and your investment is protected – you can switch back to Microsoft Windows Vista whenever you like to."