UK Businesses trust their luck when it comes to Disaster Recovery Plan

A survey carried out by BT Global Services found out that UK businesses generally rely mo on the resilience of their staff, rather than detailed business continuity plan.

The research was carried out amongst employees of UK PLCs and Public sector organisations suggests that bosses are still failing to grasp the importance of having a properly tuned business continuity plan.

Instead they rely on team spirit to save their businesses in a time of crisis.

Nearly three quarters of workers surveyed believed that UK organisation rely on the dedication of their staff to help them overcome the aftermath of a disaster.

But it seems that there is as much a communication issue as much as it is a logistical one as more than a third of those probed said that they were unaware whether their company had a business continuity plan with a further 41 percent saying they did not understand it or even read it.

Tim Smart, CEO BT Global Services UK, said: “The research has highlighted an alarming lack of understanding among UK employees when it comes to how they and their organisation can best cope with a disaster. Senior management teams need to communicate comprehensive business continuity plans and their associated risks to staff far more effectively to ensure minimum impact on the business should such an event arise.”