Criminal Gangs trying to cash up on Grand Theft Auto IV rush

Security firm Clearmymail has warned gamers that are desperate to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto IV to be extremely cautious as they will be the target of GTA IV and Playstation spams.

Substantial amounts of spam that offer free entry to competitions to win Playstation 3 consoles and the newly released GTA IV have been detected by which operates an online spam blocking application.

To make matters worse, some of these emails contain spyware and trojan horses which could be used by the criminals to steal personal information and turn the targeted computer into a botnet member.

According to data gathered by the firm, more than half of the spam it stopped was Grand Theft Auto related with the vast majority offering the opportunity to win a Playstation 3 console.

Dan Field, MD of, noted : "Spammers are like con-men - they are the ultimate opportunists and like nothing more than to prey on the susceptible. My advice to anybody who receives these emails is to refrain from opening it, and to wait until they can legitimately purchase the game, even if disappointed by the record sales of this morning."