One in three UK citizens use the web for online banking transactions says Analyst

Research by online outfit Comscore showed that in January, nearly 11 million users used at least one internet account with Lloyds TSB being the most popular, serving 2.8 million people each visiting the website 6.8 times on average.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group had 2.9 million visitors but a lower number of visit on average; many of whom accessed Natwest's Online banking service.

HSBC received 2.4 million consumers and Barclays Bank 1.7 million. The numbers do not take into consideration access from mobile phones.

A recent report in the US noted that mobile payments are on the up in the US while south east Asian countries like Japan and Korea have massively embraced the concept of mobile phone transactions and payments.

In related news, Nationwide has joined a number of banks which are sending security key-generating devices to be use with their online services.