Ringtones and Texting to become a thing of the past says report

The ringtone and wallpaper bonanza may come to an abrupt halt as UK Mobile users become more techsavvy and learn how to use their multimedia handsets to take photos and record music instead.

The era of the £468 ringtone looks set to be over as mobile phones with audio and video recording capabilities make animated wallpapers and ringtones all but obsolete.

The Short Message Services (SMS) or texting market however is still doing fine although mobile Instant messaging clients could well make life more difficult for mobile phone companies which derive up to 17 percent of their annual revenues from texting.

According to the report commissioned by Orange, using mobile instant messaging causes texting to fall by nearly 50 percent; the mobile phone service provider also mentioned that only 100,000 ringtones were downloaded, compared to nearly 300,000 full length sound tracks.

However, as one observer noted, Instant messaging and other rich media features are very power hungry and will not work at all on older mobile phones.