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Toshiba to introduce 512GB SSD by next year

HD-DVD loser Toshiba is planning to introduce a 512GB Solid state drive by next year and expects the price of solid state storage to fall down by half every year.

Speaking last week at a seminar hosted by IDEMA (International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association) Japan, Toshiba Semiconductor Company's President Shozo Saito said that by 2011, a quarter of all laptops will come with SSD drives as standard.

Toshiba obviously has a vested interest in pushing solid state storage as it has a growing flash memory business which is expected to grow substantially as the market expands by nearly six times by 2010.

45nm process technology has already been introduced by Toshiba and 30nm process is scheduled to be introduced by the end of 2009, almost certainly to coincide with the release of the 512GB storage device.

Toshiba is also working on making SSD technology last longer as it is currently limited to 10,000 read/write cycles for the Multi Level Cell version.

Saito noted : "If data is efficiently concentrated and stored in caches in an effort to reduce the frequency of rewrites, rewrites on SSDs can be reduced to a number far below 10,000 times in five years, even for heavy PC users"

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