BBC gets Virgin Media on iPlayer TV Platform bandwagon

After the Nintendo Wii and the iPhone, BBC has bagged yet another partner for its popular iPlayer Video on Demand platform; Virgin Media has agreed to distribute the service to its 3.5 million customers for free.

It will be the first time that the iPlayer, which started life as an Internet only service, is rolled out on a TV platform

Virgin Media customers using the BBC iPlayer will be able to watch movies without the need to download them as it is currently the case for the other iPlayer platforms.

Virgin already has a catch up service which allows users to watch movies and programmes from the last seven days and recent surveys shows that nearly half of Virgin Media customers use it regularly with almost 100 million views alone in the last three months of 2007.

One reason why Virgin could have struck the deal is to remove the burden of distributing the iPlayer through its broadband service; instead, the iPlayer traffic will be shouldered by its Video on Demand platform.

Virgin could possibly house the Kangaroo Video on Demand service which will come later this year on the same platform.

Earlier this month, Virgin Media CEO, Neil Berkett, lambasted the Net Neutrality concept and appeared to be at loggerheads with content providers like BBC.