Google provides hints at how to avoid getting phished

Search Engine Giant, Google, has warned people about the threat that phishing emails pose as scammers try to con people into giving out sensitive information, while appearing from a genuine source.

Writing on Google' Security Team Blog, Ian Fette commented ""Millions of people have gotten 'urgent' e-mails asking them to take immediate action to prevent some impending disaster. 'Our bank has a new security system. Update your information now or you won't be able to access your account,' or 'We couldn't verify your information; click here to update your account,'"

Google went on to describe five simple steps that casual users can follow in order to reduce the risk of Phishing taking place; most of which require common sense from a user's perspective and highlight the statement that humans are the weakest link in the security chain.

They include being wary of the "fabulous offers" and "fantastic prizes" that you'll sometimes come across on the web, use a recent browser that has a phishing filter, go directly to the site yourself, rather than clicking on links in suspicious emails and a few more.

To that Google might have added : Don't click on links in emails that have been categorised as spam and try to use web mails rather than desktop bound email client like Outlook Express which are more efficient at clearing out spam.