Microsoft delays Windows XP SP3 release due to compatibility issues

Windows XP SP3 has not be released as scheduled yesterday in an embarrassing move, because of a glitch that affected one product from its Dynamics range.

According to Chris Keroack, release manager for Windows serviceability, the update was delayed so as to "make sure customers have the best possible experience."

A compatibility problem between the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and XP SP3 is said to be the root of the issue.

Dynamics Retail Management System is part of a suite of middle-tier business applications that is popular amongst small and medium-sized entreprises.

Windows XP SP3 was originally scheduled to be released back in 2006 but a series of delays and setbacks meant that XP's third Service pack could only see the lights now.

XP SP3 won't be available for automatic download via Windows Update but they will be available on Windows Update servers for those looking to manually install it.