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Satnav with local pictures - the way forward...

I was intrigued to read that company called NDrive (opens in new tab)has developed what it claims is the next step forward in satnav systems, a photo mapping satnav device.

The G series from NDrive allow users to view satnav maps like the competition, but also allow punters to view (and download) real-life photo images of the locale to which you are heading.

For the first time, the company says (opens in new tab), you can see what your destination looks like before setting off.

Interestingly, the 3D photo mapping system is billed as giving users five different photo perspectives - four diagonals at various elevations and a bird's eye view.

The software is claimed (opens in new tab) to allow users to move between the various views as they navigate, but I like the sound of this system since it gives you a real alternative to the mundane turn-right-at-the-next-junction command that most satnavs throw at you.

The firm says it has managed to squeeze the whole of the UK's photo library and maps on to an eight gigabyte memory card, which is not bad going. There are also cards for a growing number of European

countries, as well, the company adds.

Mind you at 199 pounds for the budget edition of the NDrive, I think I'll stay with my TomTom costing half the price for the time being.

Until Morgan Computers (opens in new tab) start selling them - but that's another story...