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Windows XP available to 2010 via Dell?

Whilst the retail edition of Windows XP will be withdrawn from sale on June 30, (opens in new tab) it seems that the OEM edition will still be sold alongside certain vendors' PCs.

So far it looks like only Dell has committed (opens in new tab) to sourcing the OEM edition of Windows XP, but forum postings suggest the discount PC company will be supplying XP installs (opens in new tab) for several years to come - I just hope it's until 2014, when Microsoft's XP product support is provisionally scheduled to case.

According to PC World, XP will be available on what Microsoft calls its `downgrade licence' which, if memory serves, was introduced rather hurriedly last year as an appeasement to PC users who wanted to buy a new retail PC with the option to stay with Windows XP.

Or as PC World puts it - "In essence, the user is buying a Vista licence that it can apply to XP, and Microsoft can still claim a Vista sale."

Neat eh? The only downside that I can see is that Dell (and other vendors) won't be shipping a disk copy of Windows XP, but that doesn't stop you using Ghost (opens in new tab)or one of the other back-up applications of that