BT rolls out 21CN to ISPs as telco pledges 24mbps speed for all

BT is now signing up new ISPs to its brand new and shining 21st Century (21CN) next generation, faster broadband network which promises speeds of up to 24mbps.

This will initially be limited to one million households across UK through BT's own Wholesale Broadband Connect

Although new equipment is supposed to deliver the maximum theoretical ADSL2+ speed of 24mbps, in reality, it should be nearer to half that and BT's own tests show that the speed would be around 6mbps for a broadband user 2.5km from the local exchange.

Other ISPs like Sky and O2/Be have already started selling ADSL2+ packages for a while, so BT is catching up rather than leading through innovation.

BT is banking on its 21st Century network project to keep up with the rest of the competition and silence its critics who have been calling for a more aggressive broadband strategy as the UK tries to catch up with the rest of the Europe.