Radiohead abandons idea of In Rainbows free follow-up

Radiohead's in Rainbows freebie experience won't be re-enacted according to the band; no more free music from these guys, folks.

Back in October 2007, the band sold at least 1.2 million copies of their album without going through a record label but it also highlighted the fact that people chose to go illegal, downloading the music from P2P networks rather than from the website itself for free.

In an interview to the Hollywood Reporter, Thom Yorke, Radiohead's lead man, said that the giveaway offer was a "one-off response to a particular" situation that was not going to be repeated.

In November 2007, Comscore reported that around a third of Radiohead fans chose to download the album for free rather than putting some money in the Radiohead charity box

The band has been very quiet on the success of the whole experiment although in Rainbows enjoyed good sales both in UK and in US album charts

Earlier this week, Coldplay gave away its brand new single, Violet Hill, free of charge and devoid of any Digital Rights Management.