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Gold'en Rant : My hell with O2

Got in last Friday night at 2130 planning to do an hour or so's work I'd really meant to do in the afternoon.

Except that my ADSL2Plus connection from O2 broadband was down - the modem's Internet LED was glowing red.

After ten minutes double checking it wasn't anything on my PCs, Icalled the O2 broadband support line and waited 20 minutes to talk to someone.

In hindsight I should have left everything until the morning, but then, I've always been impatient...

Good job it was a freephone number. I then spent 50 minutes talking to various people, who talked me through resetting the modem, re-flashing the modem software, double-blind testing the ADSL filter and the phone socket(s). And so on...

The support people even moved my line's termination in the local switch from one DSLAM rack to another.

Conclusion: the modem is dead...

(Ed : In our Top 10 UK Business Broadband SME offers, O2 came up on top)

By now it was closer to midnight than I would have liked, so I strapped on a mobile broadband connection and started work. I staggered off to bed at 0120.

Tottering into the office at 1000 on Saturday morning, I was less than impressed to see the modem's Internet LED glowing green.

Yes I was pleased that the connection was working again, but angry that O2 had *WASTED* 70 minutes of my time checking everything when they should have known (as I later realised from the ADSL forums) that one of their primary DHCP servers was down.

Unlike most ISPs, O2 broadband doesn't use BT's Wholesale network for its service. It *OWNS* Be Internet, who own the kit in the BT exchange. Let me put this quite simply: they should have known about the fault.

The fact that they didn't is a serious failure in their level of understanding of their own network.