Here comes Kickstart, the Clamshelled Crackberry

Rather than coming out with a much-expected iPhone killer, Blackberry has apparently decided to go after Motorola Razr series by launching a clamshell version of its popular Blackberry series.

Boy Genius Report has a picture of the device which is called Kickstart and seriously looks one seriously oversized clamshell; one good thing about the design is that it will allow the screen to be tilted which mens more privacy and less glare in bright sunlight.

Kickstart comes with a digital camera, Suretype Keyboard, an external LCD and, a minuscule trackball for navigation and what appears to be a 2.5-inch LCD.

There are also reports that the Kickstart could come with an updated version of RIM's own Operating System, the Blackberrry Device Software 4.6 which should be able to play video-heavy pages.

Blackberry makes most of its dosh from the back end rather than from selling phones; still it is interesting to find out that it made such a move.

The big question is : will this product open Blackberry to a new generation of users or will Blackberry customers simply switch to a Business, 3G iPhone?

Image Courtesy of Boy Genius Report