Vodafone becomes the first Mobile Network to offer unlimited internet access for free

Mobile Network Company Vodafone has become the first one to offer "unlimited" monthly download access with all its monthly service packages, a move which finally puts an end to the era of squeezing customers by making them pay for each megabyte downloaded.

Until now, customers had to purchase an optional internet bundle for £7.50 with a 120MB data limit; this has been upped to 500MB which would allow you to browse up to 25,000 internet pages.

Should this limit be exceed for several consecutive months, the user will be asked to curtail its internet consumption or risk a higher fee.

Users will have to bear in mind though that unlike fixed broadband connection, the internet package accounts for both uploads and downloads.

Although O2 already does provide unlimited internet with its iPhone, Vodafone's strategy might prompt the rest of the field to follow suit and push out smaller players like Virgin and Tesco out of the picture.

The announcement also comes with a revamp of its monthly payment plans which sees the cheapest price plan go up to £25 per month and the most expensive reach £40 per month with either unlimited texts or unlimited landline calls or unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone calls.

The deals are for new customers only.