AMD's future in limbo as Intel lawsuit reveals worrying situation

AMD, the microprocessor manufacturer that stands between Intel and world domination, has revealed the dire state of its finances as part of a court filing that will be used in an antitrust suit that it is mounting against Intel.

In unambiguous terms, the brief says that AMD needs to double its marketshare to "operate long term as a sustainable business" and that Intel has been the main reason why AMD might be nearer to bankruptcy than ever before.

Although AMD often caused its own downfall through controversial decisions (like purchasing ATI) or delayed products launched (like the recent delay of the Barcelona-based Opterons), the number one semiconductor manufacturer is guilty of unfair play.

Intel allegedly gave special treatments computer manufacturers to use its chip, often by providing them with an almost limitless fund for marketing and advertising purposes - provided that Intel's Jingle got an airing.

The lawsuit, which is most probably happen in 2009, might be too late to save AMD if Intel continues to squeeze the last mainstream x86 microprocessor manufacturer out of the market.

An AMD-less tech market would prove disastrous for the industry as Intel could quite easily screw the rest of the market by pushing microprocessors, chipsets, motherboard and memory prices up.