HTC launches Diamond, yet another iPhone competitor

Handset specialist HTC has launched another iPhone killer dubbed "Diamond"; a superb touchscreen smartphone with a 2.8-inch VGA screen.

HTC's flagship smartphone comes with a 3.2megapixel camera with autofocus and a glossy finish as well as 4GB internal storage.

Other features include Quadband support, FM radio, a second face camera, a microSD slot, a Qualcomm CPU running at 528MHz, full 3D graphics, WiFi, and a revamped Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS.

There won't be any keyboard on the Diamond and at 10.7mm thick, it is slightly thinner than the iPhone.

The mobile will almost certainly be larger than the Apple's mobile, thanks to a wider control area comprising of a central button and four keys.

The Diamond will also come with an accelerometer which will allow it to enjoy motion sensor controls, something that many smartphones will pick up.

Orange has already announced that it will launch the Diamond in July, almost certainly after Apple's 3G debuts, complete with a number of Orange-centric features like Photo, Music, Downloads and TV.

So, is the Diamond an iPhone killer? Probably not as it stands since it lacks the storage capacity, comes with a smaller screen and looks more like a portable media player than a phone.