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Yahoo partners with McAfee to kick rogue websites

Yahoo has announced that it will be using McAfee's SiteAdvisor service to scan websites in search of malware and rogue codes and warn its uses about their presence.

The most dangerous websites will simply be removed from the listing while others, just like smoking cigarette and boozing on alcohol, will carry a warning message but will not prevent the user from accessing the website.

Google has a similar feature which makes use of its own proprietary engine as well as consumer feedback to block dangerous websites.

The partnership is a major coup for McAfee since it will allow the security firm to capture millions of eye-balls and push the company's name out on the market.

However, observers have already noticed discrepancies in the way sites are listed; for example, has been given a "dangerous downloads" warning on Yahoo while Google apparently gives it a clean bill of health.

Siteadvisor is already a popular add-on for the open source browser, Firefox and has clocked more than 135 million downloads till now.

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