HP Introduces Petabyte Extreme Storage Solution

Falling prices of storage devices coupled with the boom in rich media content and massive databases have made massive storage systems more widespread; HP is the latest to launch a Petabyte storage solution, the StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System.

HP says that the StorageWorks 9100, due to be launched in Q4, will be a fitting partner for companies like oil and gas, media, Web 2.0, security and surveillance firms looking to gargantuan real time, storage capacities.

Commenting on the release, HP StorageWorks general manager vice president, Dave Roberson said, "As Business requirements change rapidly and digital media files grow at exponential rates, many entreprises need to manage growth in a way that helps them profit from their storage infrastructure".

The ExDS9100 is made up of a BladeSystem enclosure with room for 16 blade servers and can accommodate up to 82 hard disk drives and the base configuration can store up to 246 hard drives - that's 246TB and can be scaled all the way up to 1.65PB

The launch will get EMC nervous as it marks the start of a new era with managed storage threatening to fall below $1 per gigabyte, with demand for capacity doubling, like Moore's law, every 18 to 24 months.