Lack of Role Models in tech sector discourages female interest

A survey carried out by Research in Motion (RIM), the makers of the Blackberry device, found out that although a overwhelming majority of girls aged between 11 and 16 think technology is cool and talk to their friends about technology and trends, only a fraction would consider joining the tech industry.

The research, carried out amongst 1000 girls and in support of BlackBerry's Women & Technology Awards, showed that just over a quarter of teenage girls envisage tech as a career, compared to more than half of boys in the same age group, although 90 percent said that technology is "in".

Nearly three quarters of the girls think that a lack of female role models in a male-dominated technology sector is a major hindrance; woman account for less than 20 percent of IT professionals.

The RIM-backed research also found out that more than four out of ten young people consider a career in IT as boring with three out of ten saying it is geeky, stereotypes which have been reinforced by the media and by cult series such as IT Crowd.