New Zealand ID thieves smarten up their act

Interesting to read a few weekend reports from New Zealand that identity fraudsters there are smartening up their act to take account of technology in the marketplace.

The National Bureau of Criminal Intelligence in NZ says that fraudsters are now focusing their attentions on more tech-savvy users of online services, even though this requires the fraudsters to become more tech-savvy in the process,

According to the NBCI, over the last year there were around 900 incidents of identity theft reported to the police,

DS David Kennedy is quoted in the New Zealand Herald newspaper as saying that this is only a fraction of the actual level of ID thefts taking place in NZ.

Speaking at a conference in Wellington late last week, Kennedy said that identity theft is known as a breeder crime, as the proceeds are often used as cannon fodder for more serious crimes.

"Documents and transactions are used to breed further documents and transactions," he told his audience, adding that as more people move online with their finances, the more fraud will follow...