Supertalent launches new range of laptop SSDs

A new range of solid state drives has been launched by promising memory manufacturer Super Talent; the 'MasterDrive' MX and DX series can take the place of existing platter based hard disk drives within seconds.

These solid state disks are faster, lighter, use less power, come with a SATA-II interface and are far more rugged and reliable according to their press releases.

The SLC NAND-based MX range is the cheap and cheerful model with capacities going from 30GB to 120GB while the faster DX model, which uses MLC NAND, range from 30GB to 60GB.

Super Talent claims that the MX can reach 40mbps/120mbps in write/read speeds, compared to 70mbps/120mbps attained by the DX in the same benchmark.

Fortunately, the prices of those SSD is not as high as one could expect; the cheapest 30GB model costs only $299, that's only £150 with the 120GB model setting you back at $699.

Although they will be available only in the US for now, you can expect them to reach the UK pretty fast.