Windows XP SP3 finally comes out, albeit with filter

For millions, Windows XP is still the main platform on which they work and the arrival of the third service pack for Microsoft's most popular operating system is likely to cause scenes of jubilation in random places.

XP SP3 has been available for download since the 29th of April either from Microsoft or from third party providers (torrent sites, download sites like Betanews etc).

As with any major Microsoft product updates, there has already been a few issues reported, none of them however are critical.

Apart from the RMS incompatibility issue with Microsoft's Dynamics Retail Management System - which is widely used in the retail sector for Small and Medium companies - the company also revealed that there might be some problems for IE7 and IE8 Beta users as XP SP3 overwrites existing IE6 files making it impossible to uninstall IE7.

Microsoft developers are feverishly working on a fix for the RMS problem which could be available by the end of May 2008, just in time for automatic updates to be rolled out, as expected, in June.