Hitachi ramps up laptop hard disk capacity to 320GB with new Travelstar drive

Hitachi has release an update to its popular Travelstar laptop hard drive range; the 7K320 packs 320GB of pure, unadulterated space for your bits and bytes and still runs at 7200rpm, making it not only spacious but also faster than the competition.

Performance goes up by 12 percent on average while power consumption goes down by 22 percent and maintaining low acoustics, making it ideal for storage servers as well where low power consumption and high data density are paramount.

While not as rugged - the 7K32 can take up to 400G though - and as power efficient as solid state drives, traditional hard drives still have the cost and capacity factors on their side.

The 7K320 also comes with an optional Bulk Data Encryption feature that allows users to protect their data from a possible laptop loss; data is scrambled using a key as it is being written to the disk and then descrambled with the key as it is retrieved.

This makes re-deployment easier since it removes the need to overwrite the hard drive completely.