Let us sell iPhones worldwide, says France Telecom to Apple

France Telecom is pursuing talks with Apple to sell the iPhone in several countries worldwide, according to Chief Financial Officer Gervais Pellissier.

The company, which owns the Orange brand, is actively canvassing Apple to get the rights to sell the iPhone in Spain and Poland, although other countries where Orange has a very strong presence, could be factored in.

Orange is active in regions where France has been (and still is) a key economic partner, many of which form part of the "Francophonie"; most French speaking countries in Africa, Romania, Vietnam and so on.

France Telecom was granted a three year exclusive rights to sell iPhone in France and until now, only 100,000 handsets have been sold, a fraction of what UK achieved.

On Tuesday, Apple gave the green light to Vodafone to sell the iPhone in 10 countries while Telecom Italia was presented as one of the iPhone partners in Italy.