Peter Gabriel's Web portal offline for three days - what happened?

Mystery sounds the outage of Peter Gabriel's Web site which went offline last weekend.

After several newswires initially started talking about an Internet domain name theft, the site's operators soon admitted that their data centre had been broken into and the physical servers on which the site ran had been nicked. Allegedly.

The site is back up now, after a three day outage, coincidentally just as it started selling Womad Festival tickets.

Opal Telecom, the company that runs the servers in High Wycombe, has made no statement on what actually happened, but Real World, which runs the Web site and ticket sales, says it really was a server hardware theft.

Which surprises me, given the rock-bottom cost for server hardware these days. The economics just don't stack up. Hardware is cheap, as it memory. I think someone targeted Real World, Womad and Peter Gabriel.

Obviously not a Genesis fan then -Ed.