Samsung SpinPoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB Hard Drive SATAII *32MB Cache*, £94.99 delivered

It also features Samsung's industry-leading NoiseGuard and SilentSeek‚ technologies to eliminate acoustic noise.

Servers, high-end desktops, RAID systems and DVRs are among the applications well suited to the Spinpoint F1 drive.

This drive is available for £94.99 at Ebuyer.

What PC Pro says : "We were astonished at the performance of Samsung's 1TB disk in our large files test, where it was the first disk we've seen to exceed 100MB/s. It was also very quick when reading small files, but was outperformed by all three of Hitachi's SATA disks when writing them. It is expensive at 23p per gigabyte, but this is the disk to get if you need the fastest possible performance."

• Max. 334GB Formatted Capacity per Disk
• Serial ATA 3.0Gbps Interface Support
• Improved recording stability over temperature with PMR
• Advanced dynamic FOD control for best data integrity
• Intelligent compensation of external disturbance
• SATA Native Command Queuing Feature
• Device Initiated SATA Power Management
• Staggerd Spin-up Support
• Environment friendly product with RoHS compliance
• Improved performance with dual-ARM based firmware
• ATA S.M.A.R.T. Compliant
• ATA Automatic Acoustic Management Feature
• ATA 48-bit Address Feature
• ATA Device Configuration Overlay Feature
• NoiseGuard™
• SilentSeek™