Xobni prepares something big, wants to rule your inbox and more

After having released Xobni from its beta shackles, the Email startup is looking to simplify your inbox even more as it licenses intellectual property from a company called MetricStream.

10 patents are apparently involved and they all deal with the email ecosystems and how to reduce the amount of "noise" emails around items like scheduling meetings, preparing events or getting a task done.

The technology is based on a product called Zaplet which was initially launched in the internet heydays, before the dotcom bust and effectively converts related emails into threads, like in a forum.

But that doesn't stop here; Zaplets can also be used to gather opinions and make group decision with the added benefit of having a trackable and archived cookie track.

Ultimately, Xobni will try to combine this technology with its existing products and deliver an updated and improved version of Xobni to its customers.

Jeff Bonforte, CEO of Xobni, commented saying that they have an exclusive consumer license but a non-exclusive entreprise license.

Earlier this month, Xobni rejected an offer from Microsoft to be acquired for $20m.