Get your mobile PINned before it is too late, warns CPP

Life Assistance company CPP has issued a stark warning for mobile phone users, following the release of a survey which showed the extent of mobile phone theft.

More and more people are thrusting their mobile phones with their lives - literally - by using these as virtual holdalls for everything ranging from work dossier to electronic rolodex and digital camera.

By securing your mobile phone with a Personal Identification number, one can at least make sure that data on the phone remains safe and useless for the would-be thief

Cambridge came up as the town where you are most likely to get your phone nicked; 20 percent of those surveyed had their phones stolen; but this pales in comparison with London where in absolute terms, more than 1.1 million people have lost their mobile phones, that's roughly one in six.

The most likely locations to get your mobile phone stolen are unsurprisingly linked to places where you can go tipsy : Pub, Clubs, Restaurant.

The Metropolitan police says that as many as 120,000 phones are stolen every year and by the looks of it, there is a huge gap between phones stolen and phones reported stolen.