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Gold'en Rant : How the telcos and cellcos in Burma are lying

The Burmese Cyclone Nargis tragedy which has been unfolding on our TV screens since the weekend appears to be on similar scale as the Asian Tsunami of the other Christmas.

What annoys me, however, is the fact that the telcos and cellcos are claiming that everything is down comms-wise in Burma, and most international phone calls to that country are being met with a city/country-not-available recording.

If that's the case, then how come I'm hearing about colleagues making Skype calls into and out or Burma?

According to the BBC Online Web site, hundreds of Burmese are even blogging reports of how they are handling the aftermath of the Cyclone in their own unique way.

Most seem to have limited access to power and water and, whilst the conditions are awful, it's good to see the human spirit shining through.

This doesn't detract, however, from the fact that the Internet is alive and well in parts of Burma. Even if the telcos and cellcos claim otherwise.

My best guess is that the military rulers of the country are the ones blocking PSTN and cellular calls into and out of the country.

They can't stop the Internet with their stupidity over the country's secrecy, which is only exceeded by their astonishingly callous attitude in refusing to deal with the United Nations and other aid agencies to help its own citizens.

History will record their monumental stupidity, but it's good to see the power of the Internet beating even their petty bureaucracy.