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Hacking crew arrested in Bavaria

Bavaria isn't quite what you'd call a hotbed of hacking activity, so it comes as a surprise to learn that no less than 11 alleged hackers have been arrested by German Police.

The group, who are aged between 15 and 22, apparently ran an online forum called `Hacksector' where they exchanged all sorts of useful information.

What's interesting is that the forum, though closed, reportedly had more than 33,000 members. This is highly unusual for the so-called uber-hackers that the Bavarian boys and girls clearly are.

Discussion topics on the forum included trading in stolen payment card information, as well as postings on how to create a fake German ID card in a short space of time.

Checking out the newswires on the arrests, I noticed Graham Cluley, veteran IT security guru from Sophos, is quoted as saying that, "although the Internet is by-and-large a wonderful thing, there are some corners of the worldwide web which are dedicated to crime."

"The price of freedom-of-speech is that sites exist where people are given free reign to discuss how to make other peoples' lives a misery," he said.

According to Cluley, businesses and home users alike need to be on their guard against emerging Internet threats, as criminals become ever more organised in their attempts to separate Internet users from their belongings.

Interesting comments. I can't help thinking that the Bavarian group sounds familiar and may be linked to the Chaos Computer Club in some way. No doubt more will come out in the wash...