Mobile broadband - great until it goes down

I was in Manchester (AM) and Chester (PM) on Friday and, as I needed to stay in touch I took my trusty 3 broadband dongle and Dell XPS1330 with me.

Unfortunately for me, whilst the Dell was working fine, 3's broadband service wasn't and service in Manchester was patchy at best.

In Chester, the service was non-existent. So I tried logged into a WiFi network at the Grosvenor Hotel where I was meeting someone.

Incredibly for a business hotel, there was no real guest WiFi. There were two secured networks for hotel staff, and a T-Mobile PAYG hotspot from down the street available.

After struggling for ten minutes trying to set up an account on the T-Mobile services I gave up.

And, following a cuppa in the Arkle lounge at almost a fiver each for myself and my guest, I headed for McDonalds down the road where, in return for less money, I got a bacon cheeseburger, fries and an orange juice.

And free WiFi.

Grosvenor Hotel, Chester nil; McDonalds 1

Have a good weekend everyone...