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Myspace opens up users profile through data sharing scheme

Data sharing seems to be all rage with Open ID, Open Social and now the Myspace Data Availability Project making the headlines, shedding more light on how our personal data is being moved around.

In a move that could see Myspace expand its reach on the internet and its influence amongst big websites on the internet, the Murdoch owned social networking website has announced that it would give its users the option to share their profiles and personal data to a selected list of websites.

Until now, Yahoo, Ebay, Twitter and Photobuckers have been choosen with more - including Facebook - being included in a few weeks.

All the data would still remain with Myspace and will not be shared or stored with participating websites with the users having ultimate control on what they would like to share.

Increased competition from rival social network Facebook could have been one of the factor that caused Myspace to open up its "closed" garden.

Another factor that could have influenced the decision is the urge to make money out of Myspace; the site is certainly one of the biggest on the net but selling adverts on its pages is no small deal as advertising budgets shrink.

The Data Availability project could enable Myspace to explore another revenue stream through affiliation and a commission structure with third parties like Ebay or Amazon.

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