O2, CPW quick to dismiss reports of iPhone stock crisis

In what appears to be a pseudo-opportunistic PR crisis, O2 has been quick to brush off claims that the Apple iPhone is completely out of stock in the UK.

The claims came as iPhone inventories online were temporarily out of stock as a "please note : 8GB and 16GB iPhone are no longer available" message sent potential purchasers panicking.

An O2 spokesperson told Techradar that the more expensive 16GB iPhones will be available soon and that there is no shortage per se; although matters could be different for the 16GB version.

Carphone Warehouse has already said that there won't be any stock issues for 16GB models at least although there's speculation that both vendors won't bother restocking the closer we will be to the 3G iPhone launch.

Sales of the iPhone rocketed after a £100 rebate was applied last month, bringing the price of the cheapest iPhone to £269 and causing a massive surge in demand.

The next generation so-called 3G iPhone is scheduled to be released next month during Apple's Annual WorldWide Developer Conference in San Francisco.

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