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XP SP3 suffers incompatibility with AMD-based Machines

In an incident that could remind some readers of past incompatibility problems, it looks that some AMD systems reboot after users installed Windows XP SP3 on their computers.

Back in 2000, AMD had to issue a patch that fixed Windows 95 because AMD processors running over 350MHz crashed on startup and a similar remedy is not out of question.

According to reports, there are two separate problems; one affecting AMD-based computers sold by HP and which turned out to be a misplaced power management file, amdk8.sys.

The other reason for random system hangs and crashes has yet to be pinpointed and this has left many users rather unhappy.

Mike, one of those affected by this issue, was rather blunt "Way to go, Microsoft, releasing the pile of dung, called SP3, that hoses your system so bad even Safe Mode isn't working! Props to your QA guys, they certainly have done their job."

The launch of Windows XP SP3 was not without teething problems; the original release date was postponed because of an incompatibility issue with Microsoft's Dynamics Retail Management System and later, Microsoft indicated that there might be a few flaws with regards to the way XP SP3 handles IE7 and IE8.

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