Dolphin Cartoon to help children be web aware in drive for safety

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP) has come up with a cartoon series that will serve to illustrate to young children the dangers that they could face while online.

The new online safety initiative aims at children aged between five and seven years old; according to Ofcom figures from the recent Byron Review, nearly 3 out of 5 in that age group access the internet at home and a third of that number do so without being supervised.

"Hector's world", which is part of the Thinkuknow campaign, is a series of five animated episodes which look at abstract concepts which might be difficult for children at that age to grasp as well as equip them with the necessary knowledge to surf the web safely.

The main character is a dolphin with a team of other sea creatures and was originally created for a young Kiwi audience to show issues such as personal information, trustworthiness, making positive choices online and how to be open with a trusted adult when they use the Internet.