Is Google suffering a massive brain drain?

Google has already lost a number of high profile staff to Facebook and it seems the hemorrhage is far from over; the most recent employee to leave the company to go to Facebook is Elliot Schrage, Google's ex head of global communications and public affairs.

Earlier ship jumpers included Chief Financial Officer, Gideon Yu who left for a similar post at Facebook as well as Benjamin Ling, Ethan Beard, Justin Rosenstein and Sheryl Sandberg, ex VP Global sales at Google and now Chief Operating Officer with Mark Zuckerberg.

Other engineers and lower-ranked staff have also deserted the company in droves and, just like the Paypal brotherhood, have started their own ventures or joined other companies notably Friendfeed, Xobni and Web 2.0 darling Twitter.

But that doesn't seem to worry Google as the company receives nearly half a million resumes a year and still attracts the smartest and brightest from every possible field.

Google employs nearly 17000 employees worldwide and for the first time this year, has laid off scores of employees, mostly from Doubleclick.

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