Kingston HyperX KHX14400D3K2/2GN DDR3-1800 Review

The kit can also run at DDR3-1066MHz on 1.5V. Timings at 1800MHz are 8-8-8 and at 1066MHz timings are 7-7-7.

Test Machine

I am using a test system for this review with the following specifications:

OS- Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bit

PSU- Top Power 1100W

CPU- Intel QX9770

Display- 30-inch Dell

Installation & Use

Visually the Kingston HyperX KHX14400D3K2/2GN kit is very attractive with blue and silver coloring. How the RAM looks is important to many users, especially when using a case with a side window. The dual channel kit installed easily and setting the RAM up only required a jump into the bios of the mainboard.

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