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Marshal claims one botnet accounts for half of all spam

Interesting to read the latest stats from IT security vendor Marshal, which claims that the Srizbi botnet is now accounting for around half of all spam generated on t'Internet.

The firm's TRACE security operation says that the Srizbi botnet has steadily increased its network since the beginning of 2008 and is now the world's largest spam generator.

Bradley Anstis, the firm's vice president, said that Srizbi is the single greatest spam threat we have ever seen.

"At its peak, the highly publicised Storm botnet only accounted for 20 per cent of spam. Srizbi now produces more spam than all the other botnets combined," he explained.

Incredibly, Marshal says that Srizbi is estimated to comprise at least 300,000 compromised PCs and sends more than 60 billion commercial spam messages per day.

But it's not just commercial pap that the botnet generates. It also replicates itself via the spam, which is how it has become so big so quickly.

The use of social engineering in the botnet replication helps a lot, of course. You can read more about this amazing botnet here.