RIM launches 3G Bold Blackberry ahead of 3G Black iPhone

RIM has added another "ace" smartphone to its list of Blackberry devices; the Bold 9000 won't be available for a few weeks which might give the iPhone the upper hand when it comes to actual delivery.

One of the highlights of the Bold 9000 is the UMTS / HSDPA 3.5G support together with 802.11 a/b/g WiFi capabilities.

The device has an impressive 320x480 pixel display which matches by the onboard video camera resolution.

The latter also doubles as a 2MP digital camera with a 5x digital camera which allows you to geotag photos with your GPS location.

Although the phone doesn't come with a touch screen, the full QWERTY keyboard has been reworked since the last 8800 version and uses wisely the free space provided by a wider and more generous Blackberry device.

Touchscreens however are not to be ruled out and could be introduced in the next Blackberry 10K version.

The Operating system has not been forgotten by providing with a simpler, more intuitive interface as well as the minuscule trackball that has been the emblem of the Blackberry.

The Bold 9000 comes with 1GB onboard memory which can be upgraded to through a SDHC slot as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack.