Three quarters of techies would recommend IT career to their children

Despite the current financial climate, IT professionals are positive about the technology industry and their immediate future in it.

69 percent of respondents to an IT sector survey felt their company's position in the market was very secure or somewhat secure and 70 percent expect a salary increase in the next year.

In addition to affirming their own decision to work in technology, 75 percent of IT professionals would recommend a career in IT to a child.

The research was undertaken by online recruitment specialist, The IT Job Board and recruitment marketing agency, Barkers.

According to the research. 86 percent of IT professionals expect to change jobs voluntarily in the next three years and 52 percent of respondents said they did not necessarily respect technology professionals with a relevant university degree.

This figure rose to 54 percent for men, with 62 percent of women saying they did respect IT-related degrees.

If offered an attractive job opportunity that required relocation, 34 percent of female respondents ranked their spouse's jobs as the most important factor to consider when making the decision.

This figure dropped to 25 percent for male respondents. Men however placed more weight on house prices, with 23 percent of male respondents saying this was the most important factor to take into account when considering relocation, compared to 20 percent of women.

956 people completed the survey, which was carried out between at the end of March 2008.