Unprotected public Wi-Fi poses a security risk

Interesting to see a report on 15 of the world's airport in the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper this week, in which an AirTight Networks white hat hacker reveals how insecure WiFi networks are at major airports.

According to Rick Farina, a white hat hacker for AirTight Networks, people signing on to free WiFi networks at airports are leaving themselves open to all sorts of issues, including leaking data, cookie interceptions and, of course, unprotected browsing.

And it's not just laptop users that are vulnerable, as Farina says you see iPhones all over the place at airports.

"Laptop users are only vulnerable when they turn them on. iPhone owners leave the Wi-Fi on all the time. It's a bigger target," he told the paper.

And, says AirTight Networks, a new WiFi vulnerability it has discovered means that WEP-secured networks can be cracked in just six minutes.

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