Why duplicate? Boosting your data infrastructure

Is it value for money to operate multiple sites, and duplicate the data centre? If so, what level of duplication and access is appropriate for the business?

How much should be invested in improving the resilience of the primary (and indeed the secondary data centre, if it is duplicated)?

After all, boosting the data centre’s resilience could have the desirable effect of reducing the likelihood of having to invoke the Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in the first place – alternatively, having a secondary live data centre might make high levels of redundancy in the primary site unnecessary.

A candid assessment of the risk to the business of and the consequences of the IT system failing or running sub-optimally over periods of time – for example over 7 days, 30 days, or even 100 days - will help companies to decide where and how much to invest in boosting the resilience of their data infrastructure.

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