Indian cybercrime experts expect one e-crime each day

According to the Hindustan Times newspaper, police in Gurgaon state have it relatively easy when it comes to cybercrimes, as their staff claim they have one e-crime reported every day.

Despite this, they claim that they don't have enough resources to cope with this onslaught of cybercrime!

Deputy Commissioner of Police Satheesh Balan, is quoted on an Indian newswire as saying that volume of incidents of e-mail hacking or credit card misuse were on the rise in Gurgaon.

"We have been receiving one to two complaints related to cyber crimes on a daily basis and the number is bound to increase in the future," he said.

I bounced this interesting stat as a security event I attended in London today and - guess what - the experts collapsed in a heap of laughter at the Indian police's comments.

The reason? The UK police get several hundred cybercrime reports across the UK every day. They don't investigate them all, of course, but then, neither do their Indian counterparts...