Microsoft brings UK TV channels to Online Messenger Audience

Startup Zattoo is not alone in trying to get UK TV channels online; Microsoft has announced that it will partner with EMI and Channel 4 to bring in quality content including music videos and short clips of its popular TV shows like Skins and Shameless.

Messenger TV will be available to the 95 million MSN instant messenger users across Europe although EMI and Channel 4 only covers the 14 million monthly unique users in the UK.

MSN Users will also be able to share the clips - which will not be longer than four minutes - while chatting with their friends; it is not known whether Yahoo IM users will also be able to receive and share files.

Other content partners also include ITN, SonyBMG, ITV, Reuters and National Geographic and the service will be supported by a banner displayed at the bottom of the video on top of pre-roll adverts.

Microsoft has also confirmed that it may also include clips from its own MSN Video offering.

Zattoo allows you to watch Live Terrestrial TV online free of charge... legally -