Official : Apple WWDC to witness "new" OS X iPhone and gaming platform push

A few words coming out from the latest Apple press release were enough to set the world of online tech news ablaze.

This year's Apple Worldwide Developer conference will revolve around two "evolutionary" development platforms, the OS X Leopard and OS X iPhone.. but no 3G iPhone for now

If you haven't heard of the OS X iPhone before, you are not alone; this is the first time that Apple is mentioning the existence of what it calls the world's most advanced mobile operating system, i.e. OS X iPhone.

Version 2.0 of the software will offer the iPhone SDK and the App store, which is similar to Linspire's online store which allows you to install software directly from the web, and can be used both by iPhone and iTouch users.

The five-day event will offer more than 150 sessions and events and certainly the most interesting are the Introduction to Game Development for the iPhone platform and the iPhone Game Development Lab.

Apple is definitely looking into converting the iPhone into what it calls "a killer mobile gaming platform" and that's something that should get Sony and Nintendo slightly worried.