3G iPhone to come with onboard TV and Video Conferencing?

Swiss newspaper Le Matin broke the news of a TV-enabled 3G iPhone last week but it took nearly one week before it was reported in English speaking papers.

Apple has already signalled that it would be selling its iPhone devices in significantly more markets than its original model in order to boost its sales by the end of the year.

Switzerland's Swisscom is understood to be amongst one of the companies in Western Europe to have earned the right to sell the 3G iPhone within a few weeks.

According to Le Matin, the phone will come with a second facial camera for video conferencing as well as true GPS functionality and the ability to receive TV channels.

It will be interesting to see whether the iPhone will actually incorporate a TV tuner - with the added inconvenience of reduced battery life - or whether it will be a Video on Demand service that would use specialised Content Delivery Networks set up by the network operators.

Unsurprisingly, neither Swisscom nor Apple have commented on the rumours.