Intel Atom to power larger, more powerful Apple iPhone v3?

Rumours, Arguments, Denials and Counterarguments have been whizzing around in the past few hours over a quote from a senior Intel executive about the apparent use of Intel's low power Atom processor in a future iPhone.

Speaking to the German version of ZDnet, he said that Intel would be launching a number of low power, high performance second generation Atom processors aimed at Mobile Internet Devices (which includes smartphones, internet-enabled phones and ultra cheap laptops).

There has been some confusion over the translation of the German text and it seems as if the Intel executive, Hannes Schwaderer, rather than implying that Apple would definitely use an Atom CPU, was using the iPhone as an example.

Apple has already ruled out using Intel's CPUs in the iPhone based on their poor power/performance ratio, choosing ARM chips instead.

And we should not rule out that Apple could have its own way after acquiring chip manufacturer PA Semi earlier last month.

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