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Tougher data centres : Critical and non-critical issues to consider when investing in data center resilience

In our experience, the critical areas of attention are the primary power, back-up power, cooling, telecoms, IT connectivity (cabling/switching) and fire suppression.

Additionally, there are non-critical areas, including BMS, cameras and dirty power that also need to be considered. While these can be classified as non-critical in terms of the enhancing data centre resilience, it does not mean that these are non-essential and the Business as Usual plan needs to reflect how these elements of the infrastructure are restored.

Investing in data centre resilience can be like pouring water on sand. If you let go of rational control, it will soak up budget without delivering proportionate benefits.

However if the investment is based on taking the organisation back to business as usual and is right-sized, to reflect the priorities of the business at an appropriate level of cost, risk and complexity, then it could be the most prudent investment ever made.

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